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Root Canal Therapy at Yonge & Eglinton

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If you are experiencing excessive tooth pain a Root Canal may be the best solution. Endodontics or root canal treatments involve removing diseased or infected root nerves and then replacing them with a permanent filling and seal. Dr. Jecu and her staff will make every effort to save teeth rather than remove them, and with today's advancements in endodontics this possibility is greater than ever.

The Details

At the center of your tooth there is an area called the pulp, which simply is the nerve of your tooth where blood and nutrients circulate. If the pulp is damaged for any reason it is susceptible to infection and can result in pain, swelling, bone damage and loss of the toot To save the original tooth and avoid the problems associated with damaged pulp, Root Canal Therapy is often an option.

What is Root Canal Therapy?

Root Canal Therapy allows us to save your infected tooth while being more cost effective than many other treatments like implants or dentures. The Root Canal process involves creating an opening in the crown of your tooth and removing the root, followed by a cleaning of the tooth’s core. Any infection or abscess is treated and the bacteria that cause it are cleaned out. The canal area, once infection-free, is then filled and sealed. Since the tooth will no longer receive vital nutrients, it won’t be as strong as your other teeth and is therefore capped with a crown to give it extra strength while chewing.

If you're experiencing excessive tooth pain, visit Delta Dental (near Yonge and Eglinton) to see if a Root Canal is the answer.

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