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Intra-oral Camera near Yonge & Eglinton

yonge eglinton teeth whitening cosmetic family dentistHave you ever wanted to see what your dentist sees?
At our Yonge and Broadway Family Dental Office, our Intraoral camera allows us to spot and magnify areas of concern for your smile. With an Intra-oral camera, these areas can be displayed on a chair-side monitor to allow you to see what we see!

The Intraoral camera is roughly the size of a large pen so it can be maneuvered inside your mouth comfortably like other dental tools.

While it's interesting and informative, the camera is also used to record and monitor existing conditions. For example, a dark spot on the gum or a suspicious bruise on the palate is photographed and at your next visit the area can be accurately compared. An image is indeed worth a thousand words. As well, if you would like a record of your clinical condition we can email these photos to you just as we would to any referring specialist.

Together, Dr. Jecu can review the images with you to aid in a clear explanation on your treatment and any possible concerns, making you a true partner in your oral health. The Intra-Oral camera’s images can also be printed for you to take home. The images available through our intraoral camera will help you to guide your oral care with confidence, knowing that the treatments you select will protect and restore your smile.

The Intra-Oral camera is just one example of the best cutting edge dental technology used by Dr. Jecu and her staff at her Yonge and Broadway Dental Office. Book an appointment today to see the benefits of the Intra-Oral camera technology.

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