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Digital X-Rays at Yonge and Eglinton

For your added safety and comfort Dr. Jecu’s Yonge and Broadway dental office uses Digital

Why Do I Need Dental X-rays?

Your teeth are composed of several layers, with large and important portions hidden in your jaw below your gum line. Your tooth’s surface enamel can be visibly examined to protect the inner parts of a tooth (that we can't see). Below your enamel is the Dentin, then the Pulp where your tooth receives it’s nutrients. Also, hidden are your Jaw bone, joints and ligaments that help support your teeth Damage, infection and any abnormalities below are often only detectable through a Dental X-Ray.

Digital X-rays allow your dentist to:
  • Find decay and abnormalities between teeth and below the gum line
  • Monitor any periodontal conditions
  • Monitor your jaw bone and the position of your teeth
  • Monitor areas of concern before they become a problem
  • Detect any growths or abnormalities in your jawbone that may be a sign of something more serious
How does it work?
It's simple, we place a small sensor in your mouth and an X-Ray beam is then sent through your teeth This records the image of your teeth on the sensor, which is then scanned and appears on the computer beside you in less than 20 seconds.

Are dental X-rays safe?
While X-rays expose us to some radiation, digital X-rays produce 80 - 90% less radiation compared to traditional dental X-rays. Digital X-rays are also much faster and comfortable to use. As the images are captured, Video Explanations are generated electronically, thus eliminating the need to develop the X-rays and dispose of toxic waste, making digital X-rays better for the environment.

Why do we use lead-free aprons?
In addition to digital x-rays, we supply our patients with lead-free aprons during dental procedures. These environmentally friendly aprons are non-toxic and lightweight. Their flexibility provides better coverage, easily adjusting to your thyroid region, to minimize the amount of radiation that you are exposed to. Delta Dental aims to prioritize patient safety and well-being. So, by using lead-free aprons that provide more comfort than conventional leaded aprons, we continue to enhance patient experience and promote protection.

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